Waterfront Personnel

Currently Seeking (5) Waterfront Personnel:

A.R.C. Lifesaving Certificate required including CPR and First Aid

Role & Responsibilities
  • Is under the supervision of the Facilities Manager
  • Will attend all staff meetings
  • Will supervise all waterfront activities pertaining to canoeing, peddle boating, kayaking, boating, tubing, and waterslide
  • Must be on duty during any such scheduled waterfront activities
  • Responsible to see that those riding in the boats or canoes have lifejackets on and properly fastened
  • Ask campers to leave the waterfront if they do not observe the waterfront rules for safety or equipment care
  • Will see to it that lifejackets, oars, paddles, and other equipment, when used, are not left lying around on the beach, but are returned to the boat house and stored properly
  • Responsible to see that equipment is in the boat house during all times other than the official waterfront usage hours
  • Responsible to keep boat house and waterfront clean and organized
  • See that the boats are ready for emergency use during the waterfront activities
  • Must have a spotter in the boat at all times
  • Help in dining hall, kitchen, and dishwasher room (before meals) when needed
  • Set tables according to the number of people served
  • Serve seconds after every breakfast meal
  • Sweep and mop dining room floor after each meal
  • Communicate waterfront policies with the leadership of each camp
  • Keep milk dispenser cleaned and filled
  • In charge of cleaning staff bathrooms (every other day) and activities bathrooms (everyday)
  • Will help with all general maintenance and lawn care
  • Have a form of communication in the boat at all times (cell phone or walkie talkie)
  • Assist with end of day clean up
  • Facilitate High Ropes Course, Low Ropes Course, & Climbing Wall
  • Living quarters will be assigned by the Program Director
  • Other duties as may be deemed necessary by the Management Team (yard work, painting, bookstore, candy store, clerical, etc)