Boy’s Dorm

The second floor of the Boys Dorm has 11 rooms (holding approximately 123 people), a conference room, laundry room, and is attached to the showerhouse. The showerhouse contains 8 sinks, 10 toilet stalls, and 12 shower stalls. The lower floor has 5 suites (holding approximately 35 people), a kitchen, and a sitting area in the entryway.

Girl’s Dorm

The Girls Dorm has 13 rooms and can house approximately 135 people. It also conveniently conncted to the existing showerhouse that was built in the late 1980s, which has 10 sinks, 10 toilet stalls, and 12 shower stalls.

Dining Hall

The dining hall is a multipurpose building, complete with administrative offices and meeting space for groups to utilize for a variety of activities. With an approximate capacity of 350, it has allowed the camp to welcome much larger groups. We also have our coffee shop located in this area.


The chapel has central heating, air conditioning, sound booth, fireplace, and a hardwood stage. It holds approximately 300 people.


Activities Building

The activities building is a full-size gym where basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse can be played. The gym is also used for skating and includes a climbing wall.