Our Mission & Values

Crystal Springs Baptist Camp exists to glorify God by creating an environment where people can be renewed through encountering the truth, love and joy of Jesus Christ.

Giving Glory to God

At Crystal Springs Baptist Camp, we strive to ensure that everything we do is centered on Jesus Christ. All things were created through him and for him, and his work on the cross to bring us to God is the most glorious, and important act in history. He is the ultimate reason this ministry exists, and we will give glory and honor to His name.

Proclaiming the Gospel

We stand on the foundation that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. If Christ is not raised, then all our efforts in ministry are in vain. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is powerful and relevant to every aspect of our lives. We are not ashamed of the Gospel, and desire to share it with all that make use of our facilities. But this message of truth is powerless if we cannot communicate it with words and actions that also display the bountiful love and joy of the Lord. We will serve those that come to Crystal Springs Camp with willing hearts, and show them that as God has loved us, so we will strive to love them in all that we do.

Bringing People Together

We believe that the fellowship of believers is essential to both fighting the fight of faith and to understanding the goodness of God. As a unique tool of ministry, our camp will seek to be a powerful gathering place for God’s people to encourage one another and experience the sweetness of God’s spirit together. Through providing this place of fellowship we will help to deepen the faith of believers and call to repentance those who have not yielded their hearts to the Lord.

Creating a Beautiful, Restful and Safe Environment

Our hope is that people would find Crystal Springs Camp to be a special place where they can quiet their spirits and hear the voice of God. We will foster this environment by maintaining facilities that are clean, comfortable, safe, and ultimately able to convey the beauty of God’s character.

Having Fun

With the firm conviction that our greatest pleasure in life is found in knowing the Lord, we will make it a priority to relax and have fun in God’s presence at Crystal Springs Camp. He has given us life, breath and every good thing, and we will continually rejoice as we worship him together.

Serving the Churches of the NABC and Beyond

Crystal Springs Camp operates as an extension of the ministry of the North American Baptist Conference (NABC). Since being founded in 1954, we have strived to be a unique and powerful tool that can minister to young people within our region. The heart of our theology and practice is guided by the beliefs of the NABC, and we welcome people of all denominations and backgrounds to attend our camp programs and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Beyond our own NAB camp programming, we offer the facilities to other groups and organizations to be utilized for ministry, recreation and/or conference events. However, any organization that desires to make use of our facilities for ministry purposes must be deemed by the Executive Director to be in essential agreement with the core beliefs of the NABC as outlined in the North American Baptist Conference Statement of Faith.