Currently Seeking (3) Lifeguards:

A.R.C. Lifesaving Certificate required including CPR and First Aid

Role & Responsibilities
  • Is under the supervision of the Facilities Manager
  • Will attend all staff meetings
  • Help in keeping the waterfront and boat house clean and in order
  • Whenever there are swimmers in the water, lifeguards must be on the lifeguard stands
  • Teach campers to swim and water safety instructions as necessary in each camp session
  • Guard all those who are using water for swimming, using the Buddy System to enhance safety and control
  • Will see to it that life jackets, oars, paddles, and other equipment are not left lying around on the beach, but are returned to the boat house and stored properly
  • Will keep beach area clean by picking up trash and lost and found items and placing them in their proper places
  • Check all equipment daily for safety and repairs
  • Ask the campers to leave the waterfront if they do not observe the waterfront rules or if they misuse equipment
  • When life guarding at the waterfront he/she must have a whistle
  • Have a form of communication with them at all times (cell phone or walkie-talkie)
  • Will serve seconds at each supper meal
  • Wash dishes after each meal following the written instructions as specified by the State Health Department and keep dishwasher room clean
  • At the end of each camp, take out mats and scrub both the mats and dishwasher room floor
  • In charge of daily cleaning ALL bathrooms (sweep, mop, clean toilets, spray shower walls and curtains, etc)
  • Will assist in end of the day clean up
  • Living quarters will be assigned by the Program Director
  • Other duties as may be deemed necessary by the Management Team (yard work, painting, bookstore, candy store, clerical, etc)